Saturday, February 26, 2011

Splish Splash

Today was a photographic failure. I had to cheat so badly to get this photo. My white background had distracting silver brads on it, so blanked it out except for the shadows because this photo is extremely boring otherwise. I don't know. Hope you like it more than I liked editing it. lol

I thought I'd try this out thanks to Shayne Gray's inspiring post, but I couldn't get enough light no matter what I did, and then when I finally got my flash working how I wanted it, I couldn't find an object that would create a good splash. This tiny one was created by a heavy Mexican coin. You might be wondering "Why Mexican?" Well, the answer is that it's magnetic and I could use my nifty magnet pen to get it out of the water from behind my tripod. Laziness for the win!

Other objects I tried include a 50 cent piece, a gold dollar, a golf ball, and three different sizes of rocks since I had no fruit to use. Nothing created a splash. I'm starting to think that glass was cursed (or, uh, specially made not to splash?). Any pointers on what I should have done?


Nikhil said...

Pretty decent failure, I can see the makings of a good shot in there. Goodness knows, when I was doing my daily shot I had quite a few of those.

xolexo said...

Haha, thanks! Yeah, I've had far too many for my liking these past 76 days.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot !! I love the shadows and also the tone ... and also placing the glass at a corner with splashing drops marching to the other

Honestly i never tried splash shots... may be the height from which you dropped is not enough :(

xolexo said...

Thank you! :D
Possibly. :( I was very afraid of breaking the glass.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad failure! I actually like how the drops look.

xolexo said...