Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Down in the... Ditches?

Today was a great day followed by an awful night. I am very excited that I got a box full of photography supplies   I bought last week. RC paper galore!!! And my grandmother got the car fixed, so no more annoying hum all the way to Photography class. Yay!

However, on my way to class, there was something gigantic on the expressway that none of us saw until the car was about to run over it. It not only gave us a flat tire, but also bent our rims. Needless to say, I didn't make it to class seeing as we had no spare and help didn't come for an hour.

Then, to make matters worse, we couldn't get up the steep hill to our home with that donut tire they gave us, so my frustrated grandfather backed off the hill too fast and went right into a ditch. Not just any ditch, though. No, this was a ditch filled with knee-deep water, a streetlight in front of us, and a fire hydrant within four feet of our tail end. The towtruck drivers took almost 2 hours to get there, and then they managed to hit that hydrant with our car. The poor poor car.

I almost forgot to take my photo of the day because I was so frustrated. I did manage to get a semi-interesting texture photo, though. I combined it with an in-camera image overlay from yesterday's set to get this. Hopefully you'll get some use out of it.

Time to go cuddle up in bed with my teddy and my feather pillow (yes, I still cuddle with both of those. It's been a rough night. Leave me alone!). Goodnight, loves!

OH, by the way, I finally found out what model my Nikon SLR is. It's an FM. Good to know! lol


Anonymous said...

:( Sorry you've had such a rough day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Thanks for the texture.
Great job keeping up with the blog even on bad days.

xolexo said...

:) Thanks, Sandra.