Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New post?! What?!

That's right, guys. I am alive! And there is so much to tell you...

The short version is that I met an amazing guy in January, started dating him in April, and am now engaged to him; will not be graduating anytime soon due to lack of financial aid, but I'm only two or three semesters away from completing my degree (irony); my best friend is now living with my grandparents and me; and I am now a Mary Kay consultant.

So yep, lots of change, but I am still trekking on as a photographer. Second-shot my first wedding last weekend for Katie Dawes Photography, and have a few wonderful repeat clients here in Zanesville. Life's still handing me lemon after lemon, but hopefully I can toss a lemonade business on top of my photography and Mary Kay businesses! ;)
My fiancé

Speaking of Mary Kay, I've decided to begin putting customers' names into a weekly drawing for a free product. When you make a purchase from me, your name will be put into that week's drawing. This week's free product? The insanely popular, absolutely addictive Foundation Primer!

Well, that's all for now. Here are a few shots from the past year.

Me currently

My "babies"... now taller than me. lol

From a project called "The Scanner, the Self". This is actually a direct scan, not a photograph.

Another favorite from "The Scanner, the Self"
Three photos from a Double Exposure project