Thursday, June 30, 2011

Insert Interesting Title Here

Yep, that's about how I feel today. ^  Thought I'd post the photos from the past 5 days, but not today's since the day has yet to start.

Saturday, June 25:
Just as I thought, the photoshoot was cancelled. No, not cancelled. She just never bothered to contact me at all even though I saw her the night before. I was extremely angry, especially considering she had been the one rushing me. Needless to say, I will not be agreeing to any more shoots with that girl. Instead, I just took a snapshot of one of the bearded dragons in Renee's bedroom.

Sunday, June 26th:
Took a nice, relaxing photo of a bottle in the living room. Was supposed to meet up with a bunch of friends at the bar that night, but barely anyone bothered to show up, so I just enjoyed my time with the few friends that came. They were so sweet to have bothered coming out on a Sunday night. Love them to death. :)

Monday, June 27th:
Camera didn't want to work for me so I spent some time cleaning it out as best I could. When I get back home to Ohio, I will send it to be properly cleaned right away. In the meantime, I did manage to catch one okayish shot. Dang moth scared the mess out of me. Flew right in my face! hahaha

Tuesday, June 28th:
Had my second photoshoot with Tremont Turner, and we had a blast! Ran around Broadway (the same street the City Methodist church is just off of) taking photos by old burnt down homes, abandoned buildings, and alleys. Here is one of my favorite shots for the day.

Wednesday, June 29th:
My first big flop of a photoshoot. I had checked my batteries the night before, and all three said 2 out of three bars, so I didn't bother to charge them any more. I mean, 2/3 battery life in 3 batteries should have been plenty! But no. When I was checking the lighting in the park we were supposed to shoot at, the battery life of all three shot down to one bar immediately. :( However, the client had also forgotten most of her products, so we just photographed what was there and are rescheduling for a morning instead for better lighting and weather. :)

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