Saturday, October 29, 2011

Challenge Failed

Well, it's safe to say that I have officially failed my 365 Challenge multiple times over. :(

Illness keeps plaguing me. After my wig post, I got really sick and am still attempting to recover. Unfortunately, it seems like I'm on a rollercoaster-- I start feeling better and then BAM, I go right back to the beginning. Doc says it's a bad mix of Pharyngitis (funny, since the first time I had an attack of pharyngitis was exactly 4 years ago to the day) and asthma. I've been on antibiotics and steroids, but the two are making it impossible to take the rest of the vitamins and meds I normally take, so when one thing gets better, the others take its place.


But enough of the complaining. I actually have good things to say! The WalMart interview seemed to have gone great. The woman was anxious to call me back, and we really got along well. Sadly, I'm still waiting for the callback. On the plus side, not being called back yet means I was still eligible to receive a free family photoshoot with $50 worth of free prints. It was nice to have all three of us in front of the camera together for once.

Aside from that, I've mostly been sleeping or doing photoshoots with my friend Kaytlin. We had a group shoot at the nearby Dawes Arboretum last weekend, and even though it was chaotic (and proved to be terrible for my health), it was absolutely amazing. There was a great turnout, and the contacts made there have become friends already. Tomorrow, most of us from that shoot will be reuniting to make a commercial for Ohio University Lancaster. Then, when the night falls, we will be enjoying some hookah and clubbing!

Don't worry. I plan to be very careful not to overexert myself. A social life is important to me, but it means nothing if I sleep the next week away. lol

Now, for some shots from the past month+.

My cousins stayed a few nights. We had a blast shooting in the garage.
Please click on this one. It's so much cooler when it's larger. :)

This and the previous set is from the one full shoot I got to do at Dawes. Sarah was amazing!

Kelli was a blast to work with. <3 

So were these guys (and the Giant Foopa With Legs)

The last of the people at the Dawes shoot.

Kelli and Avi being silly while waiting for makeup.

Unedited shots of Ellen and Kayla

Unedited shots of Ellie

If I'm going to fail a challenge, I'm at least going to do it right! :-)