Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yesterday my grandparents and I went to some park in Newark where there were a group of Hopewell Indian burial mounds. It was quite interesting. I took a few photos of this statue while we were there.

Today, I ran around like a madwoman both during class and outside of it. It got to 100 degrees today, so needless to say I am ready to pass out. My photo for the day is simply a shot of an interesting flower growing on a tree in our yard. Obviously I am favoring the right side this week. lol

Now I shall go attempt to sleep. Tomorrow will be another busy-- if not busier-- day.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Gift for You

I found an old template I made a couple of years ago and thought I'd share it with you guys, so here it is: Ye Olde Template

Also, check out my awesome friend Natalie's new inspirational blog, Don't Hide Yourself in Regret. She's a real sweetie who managed to go from newbie member of Purdue University's student organization Los Latinos to president of said club in less than a full year. Love her to pieces.

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty down today because my distant cousin and childhood friend, Jose, passed away at the tender age of 23, so I haven't felt like doing much. Decided to just take some photos of the birds from my sofa.

Brunching Finch
Both shots were taken from behind a screen, but it's most visible in the bottom one. I love what the screen did to the bokeh. Kind of fun!

Originally titled "When in Rome" because she happened to match the foliage perfectly, but the computer brought out more yellows than were visually present. Ah well. She's still a cutie.