Saturday, March 19, 2011

Homeward Bound

Well, for Renee, anyway.

It's been a long day on the road, but I'm glad to be in a nice house with great people and two of the cutest (and most active) bearded dragons I've ever seen. I'm in for a crazy week! Tomorrow's plan, visit an aunt and uncle, head to the City Methodist church with my besties, and then go out with my aunt, mom, and some friends. There had better be some good photo ops tomorrow!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guess Who's Back (back back...)

That's right! The Niiiizz. And this was the product of a crappily executed Flash test. I really love that floating hand though, and creeping her out with her own eyes is a nice bonus. ;) Speaking of creepy...

More poor execution on my part. "Ello, dahling" is her title for it.
I may be posting more than a day late every night this coming week because tis the time to go to Indiana for my many shoots! Wish me skill. I'll definitely be needing it. :D

A Folder I Can't Open

No fancy photo today. I've been cleaning, doing laundry, or looking for ideas for the next week's photoshoots aaaaall day, and I'm pooped. Wait, I lie-- I also conked out for far more hours than I wanted to. Now, the plan for the day was to quickly finish straightening up my room and then write an essay I have been wanting to write for over a month. As you can see, I'm not quite there yet. In fact, I'm not even on the way yet. I'm still trying to find the keys to the car. -sigh-

Writer's block sucks. Especially the day before a final you'll inevitably fail for lack of memory. Yay. lol

EDIT: I've officially wasted every Thursday night of this quarter, as I've opted to retake the class next quarter in hopes of actually passing. Better get an A next time, man... :'C

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Ides

Tuesday, the Ides of March: The day I officially became an Arts major rather than a Business Administration major. A DAY TO REMEMBER!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Key

Literally. Keys were another of the items my friend Liz needs photos of for her project. :)

I spent the entire day writing an essay, and then when I was finally finished with that, I had to get to class to take a final I hadn't yet studied for, so needless to say I've been pretty stressed today. My own fault, I know, but on the plus side, having all the information I studied in the car fresh in my mind helped me get what I'm pretty sure is an A on that final! Whew! Procrastination wins again. Now I desperately need sleep. Goodnight.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Greatest Day I Should Never Have Had

As you might have guessed, today was a great day. I woke up to my grandparents ready to walk out the door, so I slipped on some shoes and hurried after them, camera in hand and purse on my shoulder. We went out to breakfast (or lunch, seeing as we're an hour ahead of ourselves now) and then did some shopping all over the place. While I should have been writing that Art History paper, I was busy playing with photos. (Whoops.)

Of course, my grandfather is no better than I am. He kept finding awesome places for me to take photos. One of those locations was the river near the Y bridge.


Another was the same river quite a few miles away, behind his job. Where just last week was a small park, there was river. Geese were swimming in the parking lot!


The, after some running around, I bought my very first flash unit (for my DSLR, that is)-- a Promaster 7500 EDF--, some things I had been looking for last week but couldn't find, and an orchid for a project my friend asked me to take photos for. I love orchids! They're beautiful.

Know what else is beautiful? MY FLASH! I'm so excited!!! Um... now to get to that paper...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's a Two-Post Day!

So I took over a hundred photos yesterday and then completely forgot to post any! I need to get on the ball here. Gosh! lol. I decided to post twice today because I have so many photos to post that it would only confuse or overwhelm you.

Firstly, I forgot to tell you all that I did get an A for my portfolio and therefore an A in the class. WOO! *relief*

Speaking of classes, I have a paper to write on a 16th century piece of art for one Art History class, so I headed to my town's museum. They have an amazing room that was literally taken from England and put into the museum. Inside it is all 17th century art with the exception of one beautiful triptych placed right in the center. The piece is called Adoration of the Magi by Joos van Cleve. I really love it for all its intricate detail and slight oddity.

click for large size

While I was waiting for my grandmother to pick me up from the museum, I took a few quick snaps outside (photography inside is extremely limited, so I'd rather not take the chance). They remind me of my darkroom prints, so even though I'm not sure why I like them, I'm quite pleased with them.

After the museum, I felt like making a photo that was somewhat out of the ordinary, and for some reason this is what I did. Hmm.

The Tear
Alright, post one complete. Sorry about that!