Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finding the Time

It's been a crazy week! An amazing week. It couldn't have gone better. :D I have to thank Renee for bringing me and putting up with my constant in-and-out behavior. She was a doll.

I had at least one photoshoot pretty much every day while I was in Indiana. Between those and all the running around I was doing, there wasn't time to check my e-mails every day, let alone edit and post photos, so now that I'm home, I've spent the day working on a few. Here are my favorites for each day of the week, and then yesterday's quick "thank goodness I'm home" snapshot. I'll post today's shot later tonight. :)

Mr. J hamming it up

Ms. M and Mr. P's little bundle of joy

Little Mr. J sleeping in a basket

Ms. R enjoying my flower

The ever-gorgeous Khalila making me jealous with her beauty.

aaand Friday's snapshot:
Mmmm, Chinese food awaited us when we got home!!! Thank you, Grandma.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


ET the bearded dragon

Today was a ridiculously awesome day!!! I got to spend an hour in a pet store full of adorable little animals, visit my aunt and uncle, go out for a wonderful time with family and friends, and best of all VISIT CITY METHODIST AGAIN! I will be taking my senior portrait kiddos there for their photoshoot, so it was awesome to get to go ahead of time with beautiful people who were happy (or something) to model for me. For now I will only post one of my favorites of the moment, but you can almost certainly expect to see more later, especially if you check out my facebook. Goodnight! Rather, good morning...