Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just a week away

This week was the last week of classes, which I've probably mentioned plenty. It was surprisingly busy, but then the weekend hit and things just got surprisingly bad instead. In any case, pictures were taken and now they are to be posted.

I attended an Honors Luncheon and then went to the sleep specialist to get a prescription for my narcolepsy. Spent that entire evening shopping for much-needed things we'd run out of, and pretty much just crashed once I got home. Snapped this photo as I rushed to the luncheon.

Barking up the wrong tree

Started my new medication and had my final drawing class that day, so I finished up any work I had left. Then went to yet another doctor's appointment and more shopping. Took this during a quick stint at home.

My aunt Julie came to visit for the weekend. That day, our water heater exploded (just before she got here, too), but it didn't stop us from having a little fun.

All hail King Apulu Pulu!

Spent the day cleaning and then we went to one of our favorite restaurants. The minute we stepped out, a terrible thunderstorm began. Two of us gals were wearing white shirts... LOL  Anyhow, took this one during a break from cleaning. You know, when the weather SEEMED wonderful.

My fire pit.
This photo made me realize that if we were to ever have a draught and that fire ring got out of control, we'd be screwwwwed...

Finally, Sunday:
I couldn't sleep, so I hung out in my poolhouse until after 3 AM and sang my heart out like I typically do on nights like that. I was horrified to find a little present in my half-empty pool. (I apologize if you have a weak stomach.)

Needless to say, the pool that was already out of order is going to stay that way until it can be thoroughly scrubbed. -gag- Poor baby mouse.

On to finals week!