Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Holidays

It's been awhile since my last post, but not much has changed. I'm working at a photography studio whenever the owner can use my help, and eventually I will be taking my own photoshoots in the studio. The fiancé and I are slowly but surely working toward our life together. He presented me with my actual engagement ring on the day before Thanksgiving. Here it is. :)

Christmas was wonderful as well. Now on to a new, exciting year! Happy holidays, my friends.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Well, the drawing idea failed, but I did learn that evidently all the e-mails I was sending out weren't going to anybody! Lol, yay for strange websites. The problem has been fixed, so messages WILL get out there! Also, I have a cosmetic and jewelry party this weekend that I'm rather excited about. In the meantime, my art professor has us making inflatable architecture using plastic rolls and tape, so this week shall be interesting to say the least.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New post?! What?!

That's right, guys. I am alive! And there is so much to tell you...

The short version is that I met an amazing guy in January, started dating him in April, and am now engaged to him; will not be graduating anytime soon due to lack of financial aid, but I'm only two or three semesters away from completing my degree (irony); my best friend is now living with my grandparents and me; and I am now a Mary Kay consultant.

So yep, lots of change, but I am still trekking on as a photographer. Second-shot my first wedding last weekend for Katie Dawes Photography, and have a few wonderful repeat clients here in Zanesville. Life's still handing me lemon after lemon, but hopefully I can toss a lemonade business on top of my photography and Mary Kay businesses! ;)
My fiancé

Speaking of Mary Kay, I've decided to begin putting customers' names into a weekly drawing for a free product. When you make a purchase from me, your name will be put into that week's drawing. This week's free product? The insanely popular, absolutely addictive Foundation Primer!

Well, that's all for now. Here are a few shots from the past year.

Me currently

My "babies"... now taller than me. lol

From a project called "The Scanner, the Self". This is actually a direct scan, not a photograph.

Another favorite from "The Scanner, the Self"
Three photos from a Double Exposure project