Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yep, today I had a brief stint with HDR. I mean, how could anyone pass that opportunity up? Especially when standing in an auto shop full of amazing tire parts.

I didn't get to go to class today, which really made me sad, but it was still a decent day anyway. In fact, it was my mother's birthday! [Happy birthday, Mom. If ever you should see this blog again, be reminded that I love you.] But anyhow... on to the next photo.

The least tasty doughnut on the planet, HDR style.
And last but not least, the prettiest thing you'll ever see at an auto shop:

Background: black shadow on a black tile. I didn't black it out myself. No patience.


Anonymous said...

Initially I thought the first photo was a shot of interior part of roof in ancient palace/hotel, once I found the word auto-shop, then it hit me Oh its a wheel.... Awesome

I love the composition in the second shot.. particularly the symmetry

The last one is beautiful and also i love the minute details you're able to capture

xolexo said...

LOL That's great! :D Thank you so much. I always appreciate your comments.

Nikhil said...

I love the first and second shots, interesting and unusual subject for a photo (I always like when a photo makes me look at something in a new way).

The flower is nicely done, but the wheels (in my view) overshadow it.

xolexo said...

Thank you very much! :) You're right, it is overshadowed by the other two. I just chose to include it because I took all three photos in the same place.

Anonymous said...

The details in the flower are amazing!
That first wheel so full of color and adventure and the doughnut is well, untasty. HDR or not, not much of a way of dressing that up.

Even though the 3 shots don't artistically "go together" I understand this was a documentation of your day and as such I have to say "Love it!"
Great job seeing the pretty and the not so pretty.

xolexo said...

:D Thank you, Sandra!