Saturday, March 5, 2011


Yet another self-portrait.
I took tons of photos today outside in the freezing rain, but I wasn't satisfied with even one, so I resorted to a selfie. Portraiture is all I want to try lately (and gosh do I need the practice), but I'm lacking subjects. Less than two more weeks until I get my fill of portraiture practice!!! :D I can't WAIT to visit Indiana. Three photo sessions lined up, 2 of them with huge 10+ person families, and hopefully a couple more with Sandra and her daughter Khalila. Photo heaven!

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Taste of Elegance

Still unhappy with my photos. Tomorrow, perhaps? Definitely going to have to take my photos during the daytime if i want anything even remotely decent. :( Anyhow, have a good night (or day, depending on where you are)!

An Issue of Pride

First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best mentor I could ever ask for! I hope you had a wonderful day, Sandra!

Now, today's photos. Yaaay... *sarcasm sign*

You know, with the exception of the smoke stream photos, I haven't been proud of my work in almost 2 weeks. This is a problem I hope to fix over the weekend with my Nikon FM. Things are going great for me, but it's all with older digital photos, not recent work.

I need to step up my game, anyway. I just found out some terrifying news today: My film photography portfolio is due NEXT WEEK instead of finals week now! AAAARGH! I'm nowhere near ready. The professor chose a few of my prints that he wants in the portfolio, but otherwise, I still need like 9 more. I've decided that my portfolio theme will be Lines. He wants us to have a specific theme, and it seems that all my film prints heavily emphasize lines, so there we go. I'm spending pretty much the whole day Tuesday doing what I can. Wish me skill!
C'est Chic
P.S. Photographer's Forum has finally posted the winners of the contest I was a finalist in. You can find them all here.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I didn't forget about you guys!!! It's been kind of a crazy few days, but I'm here now.

Remember how on Thursday (I believe) I said that I got a frame-in-frame shot that I really liked? Turns out that it wasn't as good in-camera as it was in-mind. It's still rather amusing, though. I like how it seems that these freaky little creatures are creeping out of the light.

As for yesterday, I was busy like you wouldn't believe, so my photos of the day are prints that I made during class. Sorry for that. :(

 A wildly painted set of bleachers at the main campus of my school.

Today is no better, photographically speaking. We have a shot I took just to see what using some strange filter I found in my room would do, and a snapshot.

Not quite sure what this filter was, but it made those stars.
It was a great day despite my tone and busy-ness. I got my prints in for the art conference and show I'm being featured in next Friday, and I'm extremely pleased with them. They're all set up and ready to go. Then, I got an e-mail from someone on the committee of the art conference saying that they'd like to feature a few more of my photos, so I've got to choose some ASAP!

Prints all ready to go
For now, I'm exhausted. Have a good one.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


After a long day of studying nothing but the Gothic period and the High Renaissance, I came home thinking about sfumato and chiaroscuro, Leonardo and Michelangelo, pointed arches and sensuous folds. Eventually, I gave in and decided to just take a picture that sort of mimics what I've been seeing all day long. Enjoy. (Please. lol)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Music to My Eyes

The past few days have been photographically blasé. It feels like I've been failing all week, but today was more than I could have expected. I am so happy with this set I could squeal. If you don't like it, I completely understand, but for once I shall be content. :D

I now present: Music to My Eyes

The Conductor
The Treble Clef

La Tromba (The Trumpet)
The Diva
Smokopelli the Violinist

This is my first time trying my hand at smoke stream photography, somewhat following this tutorial Sandra sent me to. I used a flashlight to light up the smoke while I focused and then shot with the tut's recommended settings and my flash on. I set my white balance to blue intentionally and shot by hand in my poolhouse. It's definitely something I'll be trying again!