Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bury Me Alive

Everybody's got to breathe somehow.

I was bored and dissatisfied with my photo for today's challenge (natural beauty), so I decided to posterize it and turn it into a mock book cover. The lyrics are from a beautiful gothic rock song called Bury Me Alive by the band We Are the Fallen. If you like Evanescence, you'll love them. They're actually the original band from Evanescence with a different singer (who sounds almost exactly like Amy Lee. Shocker.)

Anyhow, photography class tomorrow so goodnight! <3


Anonymous said...

Nice caption and also the lighting ... Did you artificially light it ??

Sandra said...

grrr, blogger ate my comment yesterday!
This is a moving/emotional shot. I like it. It does look like a CD/ban cover. Nice job.
I also love that band!

xolexo said...

@thrviewfinder, Thank you. :D Actually, it's the light from my garage.

@Sandra, Thanks! Hehe, they are a great band. <3