Sunday, June 12, 2011

Broken Over Break

Well hello there, my good fellows! I've missed you guys! I am officially on Summer Break now, so let me tell you about how Finals Week went.

What a crabby day that was. I was feeling sick and had an advising appointment in a city almost 2 hours away. We drove all the way there, got to my appointment right on time (2 o'clock), and I still had to wait to see my advisor FOR TWO HOURS. And then my appointment lasted all of five minutes. On the plus side, I found out I could be graduating in one school year. Of course, a few days ago I realized I still will not because of issues of where we will be living and how few people I could intern for in this area, but it was nice to know I COULD HAVE been graduating in just one year.

That day, I took a photo of a student's feet. He was wearing the rattiest Chuck Taylors I ever saw, and he crossed his ankles so pleasantly that it amused me. I really liked all the writing and pictures on his shoes as well. But that photo is one of maaaany that have disappeared from my stupid, messed up SD card. :( On the bright side, I wasn't really happy with the way the photo turned out anyway. It was rather dark.

The day of my Drawing final. It was a bittersweet day. I got an A+ in the class (YAY), but I also had to say goodbye to the one professor I've had almost every quarter that I've been at this school. She and her husband-- also one of my favorite professors-- have retired and are moving on to California. That day I simply took photos of a few of the drawings from that class. Again, the photos are missing thanks to the SD card. >.<

Took my Art History 213 final exam early in the morning, and I'm fairly certain I aced it, so I have a solid A in that class. Took a photo of the school's pet turtle, Kruizer, in his little pink kiddie pool outside. Yet another photo that's gone missing. That's the day I realized my photos were starting to disappear, and I bought a new SD card. Didn't take any more photos for that day, however, as I realized that my Art History 211 final essay was due the next night instead of on Friday. Can we say "PANIC!"? lol

Spent almost the entire day working on that final essay, with the exception of a 2-hour-long break to eat and take photos. As we rode by an awesome building with a ton of abandoned vintage vehicles out back, Grandpa decided to let me stop and take a bunch of pics. Here is where you can finally see some PICTURES. lol

I'd LOVE to add a texture to this
Totally makes me think of a grumpy old man

How to Park Your Car
Objects in Mirror are Larger Than They Appear
Slept in after a long day of essay-writing. For dinner, we went to a little bar down the way that was once very popular and has recently reopened. I have to say, I was extremely impressed by their perch. Now if only I knew what that place was called... LOL

Southern Comfort
Today (Saturday):
Spent the day running around, and then Grandpa took us to yet another bar to have dinner. This one was a biker bar about half an hour away. Not as comfortable, but the food was decent! :) As you can tell, we don't eat at home much.

And now, I will end this gargantuan post with a couple blurry shots of things I found amusing at today's bar.