Sunday, February 27, 2011

Music to My Eyes

The past few days have been photographically blasé. It feels like I've been failing all week, but today was more than I could have expected. I am so happy with this set I could squeal. If you don't like it, I completely understand, but for once I shall be content. :D

I now present: Music to My Eyes

The Conductor
The Treble Clef

La Tromba (The Trumpet)
The Diva
Smokopelli the Violinist

This is my first time trying my hand at smoke stream photography, somewhat following this tutorial Sandra sent me to. I used a flashlight to light up the smoke while I focused and then shot with the tut's recommended settings and my flash on. I set my white balance to blue intentionally and shot by hand in my poolhouse. It's definitely something I'll be trying again!


srmarekphotography said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
Great job Lexy! Keep up the learning curve.

xolexo said...

:D I'll try my best! <3