Saturday, January 15, 2011

Remember Me

Poor little guy.

Today was pretty uneventful. My grandfather and I did change the bed in my room, though, and now it's only a matter of time before I have the photo-friendly area I've been wanting. Can't wait to start shooting in there. It's definitely the best-lit room in the house. You can see that lawn gnome from my east window! lol

Anyway, enough with the gab. Bedtime! Have a great day, my friends. :-)

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Moment of Whimsy

Oh the things I find when I'm rushing to Photography class.

Speaking of class, today I learned how to develop film. It was so exciting! Next week, we'll make our very first black and white prints. :D

Meanwhile, I finally got around to editing a few more photos from the Wilson shoot and here are a couple for your viewing pleasure (I hope. lol) The darlings M and M.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stone Cold

That's pretty much me today. Even my photographs were coming out cold and lifeless, so I gave up. These are the best I could muster today. Back to that statue at my school.

Maybe tomorrow?

On a lighter note, today marks the end of my first month of my daily photo challenge. :D


Sorry for the later-than-usual post. My internet cut off and I've been trying to fix it for hours. Obviously a slow success lol.

Anyhow, I took tons of photos today (or, you know, yesterday technically). In fact, I took an entire roll of film within an hour for my class assignment. It was a lot of fun, and I'm hoping to show you my actual TDS challenge photo (liquid or a liquid container) when I learn to develop it on Thursday. Yay!

However, today is obviously not Thursday, so in place of the liquid photo, I'm going to show you what I learned to do this morning: lock an exposure on the subject in order to get rid of that silhouette effect.

But there's obviously something strange about this photo, isn't there? That's because for the first time ever, I decided to try out the OnOne PhotoTools infrared filter. I really love the result. Expect more BW-IR photos in the future! :D

Monday, January 10, 2011


I'm feeling pretty old today. My arthritis and fibromyalgia along with depression were all acting up so terribly that I am fairly certain I was crying or yelling at something/someone for 70% of the day. It was awful, and my grandmother deserves an award for putting up with me.

That being said, I decided to use two different vintage looks for my photos today. My pics can be as old as I feel. No textures or anything. It's all in the color today.


Which vintage look do you prefer?

By the way, these were taken in my bathroom. LOL just a fun fact.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Low... Key?

Did somebody say key?

Kidding. Actually, I forgot to look at the daily challenge today until I already started posting this, so the fact that my first image was a keyboard and my next is in film noir is purely coincidental. I love coincidences!

What I was ORIGINALLY saying is that I spent today photographing my eyeball off with my Minolta, so these are just digital shots I decided to snap while I was using that. My real photo of the day won't be printed until tomorrow. ;)

I took a shot just like this next one with the Minolta for class, and since I didn't feel like having two of the same photo, I decided to play instead. Film noir interests me, so that's the style I tried to mimic. How'd I do?

I hope you enjoy it. Now bedtime!


Today, I received a call from one of my middle/high school close friends who I've lost touch with in the past few years. It really made my day. We talked until his phone died! In honor of him and the chain of reminiscence he started, I thought I'd take a photo that had to do with memories.

Little did I know, that was the daily challenge. LOL So much for creativity.

My high school graduating class.