Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Recess Over

Alright, guys, I'm so sorry for being this late. I was playing! It was a cruddy day for reasons I'll explain later, and Sandra decided to let me play with some of her old photos of my beautiful best friend Khalila. It really cheered me up (thanks, Sandra!). This is a bit of what came out of it.

After regular processing, I used the same filters as my harlequin photos to give these pictures a completely different feel just for kicks.

Speaking of the harlequin photos, they show up in yesterday's shot!

Taken with the Minolta x-700
One of the first things you'll probably notice about the photo is that it's extremely contrasty. That brings me to the reason that the day was less than pleasant for me: my two rolls of 36-exposure film were damaged nearly past the point of salvation.

First, the lab ran out of fixer, then it ran out of fixer remover-- neither of which would have happened had the employee with the keys to the stock room bothered to show up for work today--, so we had to improvise when it came to chemistry.

Next, the timer in my darkroom went haywire midway through developing. Naturally, there were no more timers. Again, I had to improvise.

Then, when my film was finally done washing, I noticed that some of it was extremely gray, and other parts were almost completely clear. Come to find out there was a CRACK in my film canister. The film was getting exposed to light throughout the entire developing process.

I'm sad to say that these were not even close to the only problems I had in the darkroom today. However, I tried to make due, and now I am sure I'll be able to salvage most of my film on Thursday with any luck.

Definitely need some luck. LOL

This morning's quick attempt at filling the frame before class.


srmarekphotography said...

Well, sounds like a really bad day but artist like yourself, can always make the best of bad situations - as you did my dear. First of all I love those prints. Maybe you only posted the best ones, but still they are awesome! Even the basket one is really nice!
Also, your work on Khalila's images are beautiful. A work of Art! Thank you! I think I will print them. Nice job Alexis.

xolexo said...

Thank you so much, Sandra! I appreciate it, especially today. Haha, I actually posted the only ones that didn't turn out almost jet black or snow white from the whole 6 hours.

Sooo glad you like them. xD Had a blast.

400wcn said...

I like the last two shots !!

xolexo said...

Thanks! :D