Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hard-Lit Harlequin

I've felt very blue today. It's been a tough one, especially with all the pain I've been in, but photography has gotten me through the day. If I wasn't taking a hot bath, I was taking photos or reading about photography. There's a silver lining for every dark cloud, right? :-)

Makeup: Black eye pencil.  Textures: Wrinkled paper and warm concrete from OnOne PhotoTools software.


Woody said...

Both shots are excellent and convey your mood (I hope you feel better soon!). The teardrop and the frown really hit the mark.

xolexo said...

Thanks! I really appreciate that.

srmarekphotography said...

You know how I feel about these shots! I am amazed. The second one evokes sadness and strong emotion. So that tells me you did "it" right. the lighing the composition and even the processing! I LOVE IT!!!!
I believe these can be sold as posters and greeting cards. Yeap it's that good.

xolexo said...

<3 Yay! That makes my day.