Friday, February 4, 2011

Feeling Outdoorsy

Since I'm feeling outdoorsy (hence the title ;D), I thought I would share with you my favorite photo of the thousands (possibly millions!) that I've taken in the past year. Technically, it's sub-par, but I am still very proud of it. It's my number one portfolio piece thus far. I'd really appreciate any feedback -- positive or negative, of course! I love learning and improving -- you all would give me about it.

As for today, I took a few more photos on my back porch, but this time I gave them the attention they deserved. Hopefully you'll like them, but if not, you can tell me that too. :-) I just wanted to go outside. It was so nice and bright.

Playing Ostrich


Anonymous said...

I really like the reflection, don't sell yourself short, there's nothing sub-par about it!

I know the feeling, I get cabin fever pretty easily.

xolexo said...

Thank you!

Haha, usually, I hate leaving my house. But you're right, cabin fever's setting in for sure!