Saturday, January 22, 2011

Prints, Edits, and Stripes

I took this photo a few days ago with my awesome new  High-Def  Panoramic Fisheye Lens (for the millionth time, THANK YOU SANDRA! *hug*) and somehow completely forgot about it. Came across it today while cleaning out a card and couldn't leave it behind. Hope it was worth it. :)

Now, today's challenge was to feature stripes somehow, so here are my photos for the day.

Wind chime from my bedroom window, using my 55-200 mm lens.

My poor, abused guitar by my other bedroom window. Today was all about daylight!
Finally, I will show you my terrible school prints, starting with the most overexposed: my dog, Ursa.

I've got a LOT of learning to do. Maybe next week will be better! *fingers crossed*


400wcn said...

The wind chime and tyour guitar photos look great, particularly the POV.

Your film shots are nice,-the closeup of the bulb and the wooden handrail (I love the texture in it, i'm sure you won't get like this in digital). I too use x-700 and I'm waiting for b/w film prints !! Did u do the developing, printing and scanning by yourselves

xolexo said...

Thanks! :)

That's my favorite as well. It was actually the first one I attempted to print. Cool! What film do you use?

Yep, my class did all three ourselves! Huge waste of Ilson paper, but definitely worth it. :D

Anonymous said...

You worked the daylight really well.
Love the guitar one.
Fisheye is interesting but I thought it would be more distorted with a fisheye.
Love the film ones especially the close up ones. Nice job.

400wcn said...

I use Nova 125 speed film (some European film roll bought in bulk and sold as Nova) thats the only i can get cheap. what about you??

xolexo said...

@Sandra, :D Thanks! With that fisheye lens, if you get so close that it's almost touching the subject, it's mostly a macro lens. Actually, it has a macro lens filter that even screws off of it. It's hard to tell, but that photo actually is distorted a bit. I liked the somewhat 3-d yet natural look it gave it.

@400wcn, Ah! That's what I was thinking of trying next. I currently use Kodak Tmax 400 and Fujifilm Neopan 400. The latter is only a couple bucks a roll, thank goodness, and it's comparable to Tmax.