Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So You Had A Bad Day

It's been a horrible day, so the sooner I post this photo the sooner I can get to bed and today will be over.

Sorry for this cruddy photo. I've learned that photographing in my living room's terrible lighting when I am in a bad mood and feeling too lazy to get out of my chair is not a great idea. Tomorrow, I will hopefully be feeling better (we get an extra 50 minutes to print during Photography class because the teacher will be late!) and I'll try again in a less lazy way. You can't even tell from this picture that I really love that class ring. :-(

Tomorrow will be a better day. I know it.


quiet on the western front said...

i still like this, perhaps particularly the fact that it is non-specific and can be interpreted however you like... i seem to be staring down the mouth of a snake like creature as it hurtles straight at me

xolexo said...

I have no idea why I'm just now seeing this comment, but thank you! You have a very interesting way of seeing things. :D