Thursday, January 20, 2011


The Daily Shoot challenge was to take a photo from a low point of view. I was feeling all over the map so my photos are completely different. First up, we have... the blinds. Yes, the blinds. I get bored.

I was lying on my sofa playing with the settings on my camera when I shot this for the heck of it. I know it's really strange, but I like it for some odd reason.

Next, we have the bird. The cardinal, to be exact.

Definitely not a prize-winning creative masterpiece, but the reason I am posting this one is because it was almost completely unedited. I added a vignette and used the Unsharp Mask, but that was all. The contrast, the color, the framing, everything is right out of the camera. I've finally learned how to tweak my shooting mode settings so that there's more contrast and sharper edges without having to use the not-so-great Retouch Menu. I love learning things! Thank you, Manual.

Also, I spent hours today printing some of my negatives from the Minolta x-700. For the record, I am AWFUL at printing. One particular picture took me more than 9 tries just to get the contrast I wanted. What a waste of expensive Ilford paper!!! Luckily, we were able to get some more, but I have a feeling these boxes are going to go quickly. -sigh- Hopefully I can scan some of my decent prints and post them here for you guys to see my progress. :-)

Anyhow, enough rambling. Have a good night!


Sandra said...

First of all I love that first image! Second I've very proud that you are reading your manual and learning about your camera. I can already see a difference. Great job. I am very impressed with your dedication.
I can't wait to see what you come up with in your black and white film images. O.k. enough scan them so we can see them and stop teasing.

xolexo said...

:D I'm glad you like it! I was sure the strange focus would ruin it for everyone but me lol. Thank you for backing me! I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have so much wonderful support from you and my grandparents. <3
LOL Okay, I'll stop teasing. Maybe. ;D