Monday, March 14, 2011

The Greatest Day I Should Never Have Had

As you might have guessed, today was a great day. I woke up to my grandparents ready to walk out the door, so I slipped on some shoes and hurried after them, camera in hand and purse on my shoulder. We went out to breakfast (or lunch, seeing as we're an hour ahead of ourselves now) and then did some shopping all over the place. While I should have been writing that Art History paper, I was busy playing with photos. (Whoops.)

Of course, my grandfather is no better than I am. He kept finding awesome places for me to take photos. One of those locations was the river near the Y bridge.


Another was the same river quite a few miles away, behind his job. Where just last week was a small park, there was river. Geese were swimming in the parking lot!


The, after some running around, I bought my very first flash unit (for my DSLR, that is)-- a Promaster 7500 EDF--, some things I had been looking for last week but couldn't find, and an orchid for a project my friend asked me to take photos for. I love orchids! They're beautiful.

Know what else is beautiful? MY FLASH! I'm so excited!!! Um... now to get to that paper...


Anonymous said...

that black and white orchid is gorgeous! Breathe taking even. Love it. Interesting.
Sadly enough, floodings alaways make for interesting images. LOL

xolexo said...

Aww, thank you!
Hahaha, right?! Pretty much anything awful does. hehe