Sunday, May 15, 2011


That's probably what you guys are asking. Well, I have almost literally gone nowhere, and I am now officially making my return to my 365 Challenge.

I owe you guys 32 photos, but today I will only post a few that I took over the long hiatus. Sandra and I have decided that it would be best to tack the days onto the end of the year instead of posting all of the photos I took or neglected to take since (1) I must definitely say I did NOT take a photo every single one of those days, though I did take one most of them, and (2) I have been extremely sick, and by the time I get well enough to make up for the missed photos, I will have a ridiculous amount of photoshoots to work on.

Let me catch you up a little.

Ursa has finally stopped looking for Roxy and now spends her time calling out to the other dogs on the block.
Daisy, my ironically named orchid, has passed on due to overheating.
I felt better for all of three days. Grandpa hit the shutter release for me because I have managed to lose my remote.

I learned how to draw with Soft Pastels for Drawing in Color class
I expressed myself in collage form for that same class using my photos and song lyrics. (Tears of a Clown and Mad World)
I finished a Drawing project in one class session, basing it off of Monet's style and JMW Turner's painting.
The friend whose maternity photos I took had her baby. Yay!!!
And, finally...

Today, I had a stalker. He watched me that intensely for over 5 minutes. The little creep.

Otherwise, I have attended more doctors' appointments than classes, begun physical therapy, gone through withdrawal from medications, come down with a sinus infection that's currently plaguing me, spent an entire day with my grandfather at the hospital, been told I am a carrier of a blood disorder, and (holy cow, GOOD news) been informed that I am an Honor student. Now I am going to be observed for two different sleep disorders this week. Life is... something. On the plus side, I've begun a tutorial that may very well become a small e-book for you all that explains (as thoroughly as I possibly can) the Photoshop toolkit.

Thank you for hanging in there with me. I pray I don't let you down again. :-(


Nikhil said...

Wow! When you decide to take on challenges you don't joke about, do you? Welcome back, hope everything goes smooth as silk from here.

xolexo said...

LOL Well, I don't like disappointing people, and I feel like I've been doing a lot of that lately thanks to my own disappointing health. Thank you! I'm hoping, too.

Hunchbakk said...

aaah, hope you're feeling better and that it wasn't too serious

thought you'd been missing from my blog roll recently, i tend to go M.I.A from my family's daily blog, purely cos i haven't had the time to upload everything but i've tried to keep photography in ind every single day

that maternity shot is beautiful!

thrviewfinder said...

Those are beautiful shots!! Welcome back... Hope you are doing fine now !!

srmarekphotography said...

grrr - blogger and wordpress are not getting along!
Welcome back your work has been missed.
Your pictures of Urselas nose always make me sad. It feels like she's still trying to find her friend.
The lighting on the orchard is dramatic and gorgeous.
I've told you before, it's not fair that one person has so much talent! Love your drawings. The clown ones look so realistic.
Hope your feeling better.

xolexo said...

@Hunchbakk, thank you for understanding. I'm not feeling very much better, but I've reached the point that I feel like I might not get better, so might as well get back to what I love! :) And thank you so much for liking my maternity shot!

@thrviewfinder, Thank you! :D

@Sandra, I've missed posting. Haha, Ursa makes me sad sometimes too when she does that. Thanks! The lighting is just the bar lights on top of the orchid. Hahaha, thank you so much. <3