Sunday, April 24, 2011

Faces Contest Votes, Anyone?

I know that I haven't been keeping up with my blog for the past couple of weeks, and I'll explain why and post my photos when I am ready to, but for now, I'd like to cut to the chase.

I have submitted two series entries into the Faces Photo Contest, open to all photographers of any skill level. If you're interested, entries are priced as such:

SINGLE ENTRY: $35 per image
SERIES: $50 per series
STUDENTS: $20 (single OR series)

My Series entry into the Self Portrait Category is:

My Series entry into the Environmental Portrait Category is:

If you like these images, please vote for one of them under the People's Choice section. You are allowed one vote per e-mail address, so if you have multiple addresses, feel free to show some love! I'd truly appreciate it. The direct voting links are as follows:

Photo 1: Moment of Weakness
Photo 2: Camouflage My Sadness
Photo 3: Fool the Public

Photo 1: Miss C Takes a Breather
Photo 2: Mr. L Weighs His Options
Photo 3: Miss K Makes An Offer
Photo 4: Mr. D Takes a Gander
Photo 5: Miss S Has a Look

Thank you so much if you do spare a moment of your time to vote for me. :) If not, at least thank you for still following me here.


Anonymous said...

I voted! Love your "selfies" series. Really I do.

xolexo said...

Thank you so much! *superhug*

Anonymous said...

What happened to the results ... why u r not blogging

xolexo said...

I apologize for leaving you and my other followers wondering. The contest results will not come until the end of the summer. As for my absence, I've been on hiatus due to my terrible health. I barely leave my seat except to go to classes and doctors' appointments. :(

xolexo said...

Actually, I've just learned that the results will be in by June! That's really fast. :)