Monday, May 16, 2011

Wishes at Rest

Today I felt like playing with two different methods of color splashing. For this photo, I took one in color and then converted it to BW in-camera. In photoshop, I placed the rectangles over the BW version, pasted the colored version on top, and created a clipping mask. The only other editing done was to Auto Contrast the two photos and add in the tag/quote. Sharpening was done in-camera. :-)

The bottom one is the usual kind of color splash, but again both versions of the photo were made in-camera. I hope you enjoy today's photos.


Anonymous said...

Nice shots ! Thanks for the new technique

Anonymous said...

I REALLY REALLY love that first one. They are both nice but the set up and of the first one really rocks. Thanks for the share.

xolexo said...

@thrviewfinder, thanks! And no problem. :)

@Sandra, thank you! For once, I took the picture with this final outcome in mind. Yay!