Monday, January 3, 2011

Vitamin C (something I desperately need)

I am getting sicker by the day instead of better, and school starts tomorrow. Lame, but at least I'm still in a decent mood! That, and class doesn't even start until 7:30 at night. WOO!

Anyway, today's challenge was, ironically, texture. And since I'm still in the mood for that but really not feeling up to getting up, I thought I'd photograph one of the oranges I've been munching on today using my new close-up and macro filters.

Have a great night! :D


Sandra said...

Thank first one is very abstract and awesome.
The second one has great lighting! Love both of them.
I'm scratching my head on the third one - first I was like "oh, she's showing some dramatic clouds, then I was like wait, wait for it, it's texture. Hmm, could it be an orange peel? LOL
yeap it's abstract.
Great job Alexis, and so sorry you are sick. How you're feeling better. How was school?

xolexo said...

LOL! Yay, the reaction I was looking for on that third one. When I took it, I was like "whoooa... this isn't what I was expecting to happen at all. POSTING IT!!!"

Thank you so much. I'm feeling the slightest bit better in that I can breathe through my nose sometimes now. School was... a bit discouraging. But it'll get better. I hope. :)