Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Alright, so I did not post my photo yesterday. I DID take it, however. This is my girl Renee being silly in her sexy mustache. Enjoy. ;)

As for today, I technically took these before I went to bed [this morning], but considering I went to bed after 2... here they are!

First, I wanted to try out some textures. The texture itself really is just my wall. I did not manipulate anything but the color aside from the usual contrast and vignette adjustments. Originally, these were a horrible orange.

Also, I'll throw in one more photo for good measure. Hope your day was as great as mine! :D


Sandra said...

That picture of Rene is awesome! I love it. It's the kind of picture only a friend can take, she's relaxed and looks like she's having fun. Great conversion. I like the b/w for that image.
What do you mean, "a wall?" That's awesome texture and color. I'd like if to use for texture except not taken at an angle.
I am so glad you had a great day.

xolexo said...

:D Thanks! Haha, she's such a ham. I pretty much had to convert it to B/W since the wall was so orange it was overpowering her. We can't have THAT!

Again, thanks! I wanted to take it straight, but then the tiers casting the shadow would have been strange in the photo.