Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random Photo Catch-up Post 2-- DONE!

I'VE FINALLY CAUGHT UP WITH MY EDITING! Kind of. At least for this challenge, anyway... -bites lip-
Okay, on to the randomness.

219/365; Aug 18, 2011; Playing with an angel statuette
220/365; Aug 19, 2011; Barely edited flower in a neighbor's yard
221/365; Aug 20, 2011; Gotta love restaurant signs.
222/365; Aug 21, 2011; Bee and wildflowers on a photo walk
232/365; Aug 31, 2011; Otherwise unedited HDR-style tomatoes given to us by a friend
233/365; Sept 1, 2011; Duck? Vintage duck? Taken from the car
234/365; Sept 2, 2011; "The Mile-High Club"
235/365; Sept 3, 2011; Weed in my dog's yard
236/365; Sept 4, 2011; "Think she can see me?"
237/365; Sept 5, 2011; Um... random neighbor's lawn ornament.
238/365; Sept 6; Really interesting texture on a bridge
239/365; Sept 7; Must have had a texture complex those days... Another *ahem* interesting texture
240/365; Sept 8; A wall that must have looked pretty cool to me at the time.
241/365; Sept 9; The view from my seat every night
242/365; Sept 10; I love my friends already. Even If I only met them within the past month. LOL
243/365; Sept 11; Speaking of people I love, these are my favorite people in the world!!! My grandparents. <3

244/365; Sept 12; Creepy little toy that my dog hates. (Small because it freaks me out.)
245/365; Sept 13; Speaking of my dog (LOL! Coincidence, I promise), this is her waiting for Gma to get home. So tyoot.
246/365; Sept 14 TODAY! YAY!; Awesomely distressed foam head in my bedroom.

Okay, hopefully I'll keep up with the editing a little better from now on. But I doubt it, so don't hold your breath... LOL

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