Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Random Photo Catch-up Post 1

I had a plan for how I wanted to give these photos to you, but now that it's been well over a month, I don't even care anymore. So these are some of the challenge photos I haven't posted yet. Sorry for the odd array. lol

204/365; Aug 3, 2011; Crystal in Columbus
206/365; Aug 5, 2011; Child playing on a cloudy day in Columbus
209/365; Aug 8, 2011; People-friendly deer in my front yard
210/365; Aug 9, 2011; Photo-crasher in my back yard
211/365; Aug 10, 2011; Child not playing on a sunny day in Columbus
212/365; Aug 11, 2011; Jesus in my basement
213/365; Aug 12, 2011; Interesting plant on a photo drive
214/365; Aug 13, 2011; Power washing the back porch
215/265; Aug 14, 2011; Knick-knack in Grandma's craft room
216/365; Aug 15, 2011; Statuette in my basement
217/365; Aug 16, 2011 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LIL BRO!); Statue found while out and about
218/365; Aug 17, 2011; Vintage weeds and bee during photo drive.
As you can probably tell, I'm starting to enjoy being able to drive around now. :-) More soon! These were all edited in the past 24 hours, so we'll see how it goes. <3


srmarekphotography said...

Well it's about damn time! Your adoring fans have been waiting . . .
Nice catch up - miss ya!

xolexo said...

:) Miss you too! Hehe, you and my invisible other "fans" ;D