Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So Here's the Deal

Since I haven't posted in almost a month, yet I've taken my photos every day and have barely edited any, this is what I'm going to do. For the next however-many-days-it's-been-since-my-last-post, I'm going to post my photo of the day along with a day or so from last month. They'll be in order unless there is a reason why I put different days together.

I hope this will work for you all. I just can't sit here and edit something like 40 blog pics when I have almost 100 pictures from paid photoshoots to finish-- and I DEFINITELY don't want to bombard you (and my terrible internet) with that many pictures at one time.

I've been extremely busy for the past month. It seems like I've spent the entire time doing some kind of work on the household's 3 laptops, running to the post office, making runs to Columbus with Grandpa, cleaning/organizing, or some strange combination of the four. On the one weekend I took a break, I did nothing but play brain games to keep my mind strong but myself relaxed. My friends keep e-mailing and facebooking me asking where I've been. It's so sad. Haha

ANYWAY! On to the photos.

July 28:
My best friend in the whole wide world's birthday. Don't remember what the heck I did that day, but I remember seeing this flower and thinking it was in bloom awfully late. I'm no expert on flowers-- in fact, I don't even know what this flower is called--, but I know my cousin had some in her back yard in early July, and they were almost dead when I saw them last. So I felt the need to get a picture of nature's little anomaly.

Today, August 22:
Part of the reason I've been so busy lately is that I've been getting things together for my orientation at Ohio State University. By the way, I WAS ACCEPTED AT OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY! WOOOO!!!! It was my first choice college, but in high school, I was rejected.
Now, I have been accepted into the pre-Visual Communication Design program. Unfortunately, almost every art credit I've earned at Ohio University (note: Ohio U is NOT Ohio State U) was not able to be transferred to OSU, so I have to provide syllabi and photos of everything I've done in those classes. Decided that since orientation is on the 29th, I will take a few photos of those projects each day and post one until I'm finished. Here's the first.

Thank you for sticking with me! I know I've been a bad blogger. :(


srmarekphotography said...

The lighting and the processing are so dramatic and moody. I love it!
Did you make that clay hand? Wow.
July 28th hmmm I wonder who's birthday that could be. . .

xolexo said...

Yeah, sure did. It was strange. I'd never tried something like that before, and suddenly I just pulled out the clay and in less than 10 minutes, it was done. Grandma was like "You make me sick."

Hehe, nooo ideeeea. ;)