Sunday, May 22, 2011

Catching up on the weekend

Thursday, May 19:
It was my grandfather's 62nd birthday, but I had to spend it going from classroom to therapy appointments to a sleep study. Still, I managed to grab a quick snapshot of the chocolate flowers on Grandpa's chocolate-frosted chocolate cake. Guess what grandpa's favorite food is. ;)

I also used my webcam to take a terrible snap of what I looked like at that lovely sleep study. Beautiful, yes? LOL

Friday, May 20:
Took a quick pic of the machine all those wires were plugged into. They didn't let me go home until 2!

Saturday, May 21:
I honestly only stepped outside that day to take one snapshot that wasn't even well thought out. I only took the picture because I was rather interested in all the conflicting lines.

Today, May 22:
Still not in the most photographic mood, and again I was noticing a conflict outside my house. This time, there was a conflict between the seasons. Some flowers in my garden looked as though they'd been dried out by the harsh winter, yet they were surrounded by the lush greenery brought about by spring. I just don't get it!

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