Monday, April 4, 2011

A Beautiful Morning

Actually, it was an ugly gray day, which was perfect for my camera. I'm extremely pleased with my photos today. In fact, I'm just pleased today, period. It's been a nice day.

I woke up to my grandfather telling me he was leaving with or without me, so I threw on some clothes, grabbed my necessities (money, camera, laptop, let's go!), and headed out. We went to breakfast [aka lunch] at a Mexican restaurant that I love, then Grandpa decided to explore a bit. We went to the beautiful park pictured above, where I got to chase around two gorgeous ducks.

Then he found a covered bridge that was technically fenced off, but since there was a trail around the fence, we went anyway like the rebels we are. Grandma, on the other hand, waited in the car. "Mama didn't raise no fool!"

Today's challenge: Illustrate symmetry.

There should be more days like today. :D

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Anonymous said...

Love it!
That bridge one is awesome.