Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ye of Little Faith

Did you really think I'd forget you guys?! :) I just spent a long 7 hours trying to uncover the items I've been hoarding for most of my life, dragging them from house to house in innumerable containers as if losing just one thing would mean death.

Or something slightly less dramatic.

Thought I'd just confuse the mess out of you all before I finally hit the hay. Today, I felt like trying some more abstraction, so here it is. Hope you get a kick out of it! It kind of looks like a bunch of floating boxes to me. Or maybe that's what they are. HMMmmm.

Meh, goodnight!


400wcn said...

i thought it was the tray with photos soaked in it to get the print in the darkroom

srmarekphotography said...

looks like mail on top of a try on top of a desk/table. LOL with funky post processing.
So, maybe you should have written about your boxes and why tote them. We all have that kind of baggage don't we?
How did your prints turn out?

xolexo said...

@400wcn, hey, it does look like that! Awesome. :D

@Sandra, you're getting warm! There is a desk involved, and the post-processing actually wasn't much, believe it or not. I messed with the contrast and vignette, but most of that crazy coloring was there already.

Oh man, if I told you about what was in these boxes and bags here, you would faint. I really am such a terrible hoarder. On the plus side, I have found SO many things I've been missing for years.

The prints turned out much better than before. I got it right the first time, only the glass I was told to use over the photo was scratched so my prints had scratch marks all over. Had to start again minus the glass. :( I'll be posting those tonight. Last night I was doing way too much. lol