Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Post-Exam Blues

And pinks. And yellows. And pretty much any color that popped up when I pushed a random filter and called it a night.

I sincerely apologize for today's awful photographs, but I've been either studying my behind off or taking photos all day long, and these are the only two even SOMEWHAT decent digital photos I've taken, however boring they may be. Perhaps spending tomorrow in the darkroom will make me feel better. Tonight's exam was Hell.

Anyway... here are today's photos. Goodnight!


400wcn said...

is it lomo ??
I like the POV in both photographs

xolexo said...

Thanks. C:
It's actually a vintage filter, not Lomo, but the original colors right out of the camera looked a lot like lomo for some odd reason, so good catch!

Anonymous said...

on your worst day . . . your pictures are Clear, focused and creative. I believe I saw an ad that looked like this.
These are gorgeous. Stop being so hard on yourself.

xolexo said...

<3 Thank you, Sandra. I'll try. lol