Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Not sure why, but every time I walk into this classroom and see this, I feel some strange aesthetic attraction to  those particular seats. They're always positioned just like that, as if no one touches them all day long. They're always slightly off-kilter and yet so perfect.

I may add some prints later if I'm awake long enough to scan some. :) If not, tomorrow will be the day!

By the way, GUESS WHO GOT A NEW NIKON FILM CAM WITH LOTS OF LENSES! *squeal* I'm so blessed. All smiles today!


400wcn said...

Great work alexandria !! model of the nikon slr??

xolexo said...

Thanks! You know, that's a good question... Nothing on the entire body says what model it is. Strange...

I'll let you know later if I find out. :)

Sandra said...

Interesting shot.
Congrats on your new toy! YAY