Sunday, January 9, 2011

Low... Key?

Did somebody say key?

Kidding. Actually, I forgot to look at the daily challenge today until I already started posting this, so the fact that my first image was a keyboard and my next is in film noir is purely coincidental. I love coincidences!

What I was ORIGINALLY saying is that I spent today photographing my eyeball off with my Minolta, so these are just digital shots I decided to snap while I was using that. My real photo of the day won't be printed until tomorrow. ;)

I took a shot just like this next one with the Minolta for class, and since I didn't feel like having two of the same photo, I decided to play instead. Film noir interests me, so that's the style I tried to mimic. How'd I do?

I hope you enjoy it. Now bedtime!


400wcn said...

I like the tone in the first pic !!
Nice shot

what model in Minolta??

Sandra said...

That's the second day in a row that you happen to take shots that match TDS. LOL
I actually have a book called "Hollywood portraits" and they are Noir style. Old time Hollywood. I look at those and study the images. Yes I'd say you got it. Love that kind of lighting. Great job. Cannot wait to see your "film" stuff.

xolexo said...

@400wcn, Thanks! x-700 :)

@Sandra, I know, isn't it nuts?! Ooh, that book sounds awesome. Next time I'm in town, I might have to drop in and take a peek at it ;) Thanks!