Monday, September 26, 2011

That 70s Post

I spent yesterday (Saturday) evening caring for the wigs I've accumulated over the years, and then I put them onto styrofoam heads. After some boredom, I started playing with the heads by adding some of my many pairs of glasses and other accessories. Figured that each day for 4 or 5 days I could post a photo of one of the heads, but naturally I didn't get to editing yesterday's photo until today.

During the process, I was getting frustrated with how boring the photos were, so I started clicking on random things. One of them was this crazy rainbow gradient map I'd made for a previous photo of the day, and it was such an insane but awesome look that I absolutely HAD to keep it. In fact, I had to use it for today's photo too. Here's the result.

256 and 257 of 365; Sept. 24 and 25; faux-retro wig heads

Today, my first meeting with the Scarlette|Grey Team (Ohio State's fashion organization). Tomorrow, interview at WalMart's photo center. Now, bedtime since it's 2:14 in the morning. Goodnight!

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