Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Anticlimactic Return

I've finally edited my blog photos from the past 21 days now that I'm home in Ohio, so here they are. Note, I was without both of my cameras for three separate days, so I do not have photos for those days. On the other hand, there are far more than 21 photos here, so I hope you don't get as tired of looking at them as I am! Lol.

July 3 and 4:
was at my mother's house, so I photographed some of her products. she loves working with glass
Unfinished mosaic table
Candy dish
July 5:
my first ever Railcats game with my awesome friend Liz!

Obviously used the crappy lil Cybershot. lol
July 6 and 7:
went to my uncle and aunt's lakehouse in Michigan. it was amazing.

July 8: forgot silver camera at the lakehouse, forgot nikon in my aunt's car. :(

July 9:
got the nikon back from my aunt, and then we visited a couple of the babies in the family.

July 10:
took some last-minute family portraits of my cousins. shoot seriously only lasted a few minutes, but they were so great. Love those cousins of mine.

July 11:
happy birthday, Aunt Linda and cousin Geri! otherwise, had a beach shoot with the Best family (no, i'm not playing favorites. their name is Best. :D).

July 12 and 13:
generic flower photo days. I'm fairly certain I went to Deep River Water Park one of those days, but I didn't take my cams there for fear of being robbed lol

July 14:
went to my cousin Geri's house with... well, more of my cousins (i'm latin. you'll get used to the million cousin thing LOL) to swim. such lazy little ones!
Ziggy lounging under the table
Juliana doing the same
Gabriella taking a break
Anissa taking a tan.
Obviously, I've started to get bored with plain old editing. Luckily Geri had these lawn ornaments to fulfill my need to play.

July 15:
photoshoot with a new girl named Brandy. she was such a sweetie. :)
July 16:
my cousin Travis's open house. cheers, TJ!
Admiring this boy's freckles while he watched the other children splash about in the pool.
July 17:
left Gary that afternoon.
Thanks for the fun, Aunty Angie.
July 18 and 19:
both cams were packed away while we were exploring Lafayette (namely, while we were looking at homes and finding the good restaurants lol). didn't want anything happening to them while we were at the hotels. no pics for these two days

July 20:
home sweet home! creepy little statues greeted us.

July 21:
very sleepy day. didn't feel like being fancy so snapped the butterflies and went back to my lounging. lol
Yesterday and today:
apartment hunting in Athens. turned out only to discourage me more than i even expected, and now I'm pretty much just at a loss. no idea what i'm doing anymore. on the plus side, i found a really creepy plant to take a pic of, and came across a little statue that's just like one Geri has. it was rather exciting to see.

Pardon my blowouts. Exposing for the shadow doesn't do the highlights any good!

Now that we're all caught up on 21 days (3 of which I will tack on to the end of the year, I assure you), I'm heading to bed. Goodnight, sweethearts!


Anonymous said...

the b&W shots are really nice

xolexo said...

Thank you. :D

Anonymous said...

All very beautiful shots! Great job.