Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Town Attraction

The country's only Y-Bridge, Zanesville, OH
Also known as the most confusing bridge to drive on, especially if you're going left. I thought I'd retry photographing this bridge with my 200 mm lens, but it was far too cold and windy, so I took this one quickly and ran back to the car. LOL

Aaah, I took THIS one at home, where it was wind-free and warm despite the snow that covered the land overnight. Hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day. I'd like to spend another hour or so outside taking photos. It's so relaxing, don't you think? :-)


srmarekphotography said...

I do think! I totally agree. Nothing makes my day better than being able to take a photo walk or just take pictues.

Confusing bridge.

xolexo said...

Lol, definitely. Even in pictures, it's like "Which way do I look?"

srmarekphotography said...