Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Solemnly Swear...

... to re-edit these photos whenever I actually feel like sitting in front of this computer. :) Until then, understand that this is just a post for the sake of posting, as I should have yesterday but was way too tired to stay up for. lol

Yesterday's snap: My darling doggy, Ursa.

Today was the Art Show I've been frantically preparing for for weeks. It was great, even if I didn't sell any prints. The place was smaller than expected, so there wasn't room for vending. :-( However, I did meet two women with 3 children each who would love to do a shoot with me. Everyone who commented on my work (whether they knew I was the photographer or not, as I was somewhat incognito for awhile) was in love with the photo of the little Wilson boy in the McDonald's Playplace. It really made my day. :D

Know what else made my day? Getting a snazzy new haircut! I decided to go with something out of the ordinary, and the stylist chose the color. These photos don't show it off too well, but mostly because of my editing (or lack thereof). Like I said, I will re-edit everything. Here they are for now, in all their contrasty non-glory.

Off to bed! *muah*


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's just like that. I understand but at least you are taking a photo a day :)
That's a great picture everyone loves but I thought for sure the popular one would be the self portrait with the drama/sad makeup face.
Your hair cut is turned out great! I like it!

xolexo said...

Haha, I was rather surprised myself. I guess it really depends on your audience. Most of the attendees were mothers. :)

Thanks! xD Super happy with it. It was awesome to wake up and not have to do a thing!