Monday, February 7, 2011

Sow's Ear, Anyone?

I spent the day re-editing photos from an old shoot. By the time I got tired of doing that, I had an absolutely ridiculous time trying to actually TAKE any photos, so I ended up with this sow's ear of a file. Hopefully, I got a silk purse out of it, but I'm still debating.

I attempted to salvage this photo using an "action" (it's actually a psd) Sandra asked me to make for her . She has appropriately named it "She's Blushing", but you'll have to see what the action was intended to look like to understand the name. I'll be uploading the psd to my deviantART account as soon as I get to a place with better internet than mine so that you all can enjoy it too. :-)

Until then, I'll share with you a few of the old photos I've working on. Models are two out of three of my best friends since middle school, Kelly and Khalila. I met them when I was 12, and today I turn 22. Time flies!!!

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