Thursday, December 23, 2010

Still Tired, But More Inspired!

I'm posting now in case I don't get to it later since I'm going out with some friends tonight. It doesn't apply to today's challenge (Make a photograph of something metal or metallic today with an emphasis on how light interacts with the surface.) but I'm hoping to actually do today's challenge as well. If so, this post will be edited. :)

Anyhow, on to the photo!

Used RAW's split toning to make the blue cast and added the stroke (the pinline frame) as an afterthought. I hope it's satisfactory.


Sandra said...

Awesome textures and love the color treatment. Just wish the picture on blogger was a little bit bigger.

xolexo said...

Ah, yeah, sorry about that. Blogger was pixellating my pic the bigger it got even though it's not a small file. If you click it, you can see the bigger version.