Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No Nanners Today

Today's challenge was to shoot something yellow, but as it turns out, the only yellow items in and around my house are a wooden duck that I'd like to save for later, a bunch of bananas (ew), and a yellow FiestaWare pot with some little glass balls in it, so guess which one I picked.

Whoops, didn't mean to frame this so tightly. I'll add it to the list of things to pay attention to!

Personal fave for the day.
To go along with the theme (and yet somehow not matching at all), I'll toss in one more.


Sandra said...

Wow! Wow!
Shall we start with my fav? O.K. then, the last one. That image has emotion. Is it the post prcessing? Is it the color? I think It's a combination of things. Most importantly it's the lighting. I love how the shadow falls larger than the actual marble. The little lonely marble sits there full of activity inside (the wonderful reflection)starring at the huge world infront of it. It's like the toy that got left behind. Did I mention the reflections inside of the marble are superb? The grey (sadness) with the touches of yellow (happiness) are perfection.
#1 Tell me about that smokey background.
#2 This is what I've always loved about your art - it doesn't matter that the marbles are falling upward, in your world that's how it should be. I LOVE THAT! Keep it up girlie.
p.s. did you find your camera manual yet?

xolexo said...

xD I'm glad you see so much in the marble photograph. My less-than-deep self was just like "Whoa, cool reflection! Hey, shadow! -snap-"

#1 LOL, actually that's just my crazy glossy wall reflecting the light coming in from the patio doors. All I did to edit these photos was turn off all the saturation except for yellow, tweak the levels, and add the vignettes.

#2 <3 I'm so so glad you like that! I had fun thinking about what to do with that one.

p.s. I found it when you told me to. :D