Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jingle All the Way

Greetings! Today, the challenge was to find a repeating pattern and make a photograph of it. Unfortunately, I was not feeling all too creative, so I grabbed my belly dancing belts (or my "jingle belts," as I like to call them) and snapped away.

Here are the more generic photos.

Hmm. There's something wrong with the color after uploading. Meh! And here are the other two.


Sandra said...

Great detail. My favorite is #3
Something about the close up but ah, look at #4. Your details boked out into the background. Lovely colors. What are you talking about the "color" they look fine to me.
Good job again.

xolexo said...

I called #3 "We Will Never Break" in honor of the Renaissance Faire. ;D
I guess because I know what the color looks like in Photoshop, it just bugs me that it's different online.
I'm loving yours, too. It must be the bokeh! hehe