Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go

 Couldn't decide which orientation was better, so you get both. 

Yeeeeah, I have to be honest: yesterday, I did not take a photo. No, I wasn't uninspired or anything. I was just having a terribly manic day-- seriously, I went from maniacally happy to so angry that I couldn't see straight anymore for no reason whatsoever!-- so I thought I should just force myself to sleep. In place of yesterday's photo, I thought I'd share the only picture I managed to edit.

The beautiful Ms. C, whose senior shoot will be an entire portfolio in itself. :D

I don't know what's wrong with me, but after yesterday and today's equally extreme health issues, I'm really worried. It's probably a medication problem, in which case it'll be over soon (luckily, I have a dr.'s appointment this week), but if it's not, I don't want it to jeopardize what I've been trying to build these past few weeks (/months?). Please bear with me. I'm trying my best!

On the plus side, today was a wonderful day otherwise. There was a huge cross in the sky made of strange dark clouds, and I reheheally wish I'd had my camera on me to capture it. It was so amazing to see. Hopefully, someone else experienced the great anomaly, too. Otherwise I may be sicker than I thought... LOL


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srmarekphotography said...

Love the shoe shots. My fav is the horizontal one. Nice.
Very pretty young lady.