Saturday, February 19, 2011


weeds through a backless mailbox

As you can guess, I went for a photowalk today. A two and a half hour one, actually. It felt great to be outside during this freakishly warm weather. I got tons of photos, so get ready for an eyeful.

Yesterday was a decent but tiring day. As you could probably tell from my photo (and my lovely words), I was exhausted, mostly from all the time spent in a car. In fact, I spent almost every hour of the day either in a car or a classroom.

On the plus side, I had a photography project due yesterday. I got an A for the assignment and photos themselves and a B- on the print quality. He raised my grade a bit though when he found out that there was a problem with the developer the day I printed those. Another girl's prints were fogged exactly like mine once the lab assistant changed that developer, and she has lots of experience in the darkroom. Whew. Also, we're finally discussing photography in my Art History class. Woot!

Today, on the other hand, was just an all around good day. I spent the entire day focused on photography, whether I was taking the photographs or just admiring someone else's. What can I say? I'm an addict.

I'm told this is a corn silo. Whatever it is, it and the white tree catches my eye every day.

Odd concrete base that somehow hadn't caught my eye before today. 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! I can see that your images are getting more precise. Great color, clarity and composition on these!
I think the corn silo and the white tree deserve another visit (clears throat) maybe a close up.
Well great job.

xolexo said...

Thank you! :) You're in luck. I have tons of other corn silo+white tree photos, all of them closer up than that one. And I have the current one in color as well. It's so vibrant. I'll post it tonight. :D

Anonymous said...

The first 3 shots are awesome

I like the corn silo in B/w than the colored one in your recent post

xolexo said...

Thank you so much! :D

I like the black and white one more as well, if only because it seems to show the silo's age better.